Bringing Back the Noise

If you can read this, you’re hooked into DIYmedia’s brand new server featuring expanded pipe action – putting the Truthful Translations of Political Speech back into the hands of the people. Note the GWB collages are now into the triple-digits and contain multi-page sub-sections. There’s also new Don, Ron, George I, Arnold, Pat, and Tony tracks, just to name a few.
New stuff ahoy in Celebrity Speech as well, including Rush remixed-comment on that drug hoopla and the ever-lampoonable Dan Rather. Continue reading “Bringing Back the Noise”

Dueling Filings and Journalistic Kudos

The FCC filed a civil suit Tuesday seeking an injunction against radio free brattleboro; today the station filed a counterclaim, challenging FCC licensing authority on several constitutional grounds.
The (hopefully) good news of this move is that the FCC forego the route of the station raid, preferring instead to exert a more diplomatic form of muscle. It could still try to fine someone, but it sounds like the heavy community support may be paying off in keeping the goons away. You never quite know with them wily FCC types…rfb’s referendum for local support goes down March 2. Continue reading “Dueling Filings and Journalistic Kudos”

A New Twist on Electronic Civil Disobedience

Tom Ness, the dynamo behind a drive to collect dozens of community resolutions in Michigan supporting LPFM during its debate in Washington, is back with some new ideas – and this time he’s looking outside the system for success.
Ness’s “WNFC Manifesto” is a long read, but the essential plan is this: instead of starting an unlicensed station and building community support for it over time, why not enlist the community to build the station from the outset? Plan for a limited run of, say, two weeks – and pack those weeks with as much local programming as you can do. A key is having the backing of community officials and leaders. Continue reading “A New Twist on Electronic Civil Disobedience”

The WNFC Manifesto

by Tom Ness, Michigan Music is World Class Campaign
For a Measured Act of Civil Disobedience,
Regarding our Nation’s Public Airwaves
& the City of Ferndale, Michigan.
I. Background: History of the Michigan Music Campaign and the national movement to legalize community radio.
II. Why Ferndale needs our own radio station.
III. The FCC’s role.
IV. The problem.
a. Existing legal options.
b. Our efforts to reform the system.
V. Civil disobedience.
VI. Our plan to demonstrate the potential of Ferndale radio via a temporary unlicensed station.
a. The basics.
b. Support and participation.
c. How it will unfold.
d. When it’s over.
VII. The risks.
VIII. The future: What a permanent Ferndale radio station might be like
and who might run it. Continue reading “The WNFC Manifesto”

Collage Return Imminent

Let it be known: DIYmedia’s collage galleries return on February 20. In the mix are 140 Truthful Translations of Political Speech (with 100 of those focused on our fearless leader), new Celebrity Speech collages featuring Rush Limbaugh and Dan Rather, among others…and possibly some entirely new galleries, if I can get my sh*t together. You can literally listen for half a day and not hear the same one twice. Perhaps a streaming component is in order…

FCC Back in San Diego; Mediageek Updates rfb Situation

Time’s at a premium right now, hence the lack of regularity here. The transition and restoration of the collage galleries is in progress, which explains part of my absence. The rest you’ll just have to wait for, but there’s much more coming.
Free Radio San Diego reports the FCC made another courtesy call on Friday. Agent Bill Zears and an unidentified “younger kid” poked around and asked the landlord of the property about the antenna on the roof.
Her response: “Aren’t you guys the ones that are supposed to answer that question?” After being told not to return without something stronger than curiosity, the agents were gone within 30 minutes. Continue reading “FCC Back in San Diego; Mediageek Updates rfb Situation”