FCC Back in San Diego; Mediageek Updates rfb Situation

Time’s at a premium right now, hence the lack of regularity here. The transition and restoration of the collage galleries is in progress, which explains part of my absence. The rest you’ll just have to wait for, but there’s much more coming.
Free Radio San Diego reports the FCC made another courtesy call on Friday. Agent Bill Zears and an unidentified “younger kid” poked around and asked the landlord of the property about the antenna on the roof.
Her response: “Aren’t you guys the ones that are supposed to answer that question?” After being told not to return without something stronger than curiosity, the agents were gone within 30 minutes.
On January 23 Paul Riismandel interviewed radio free brattleboro’s Sara Longsmith about the station’s recent correspondence with the U.S. Attorney General’s office in Burlington, and the hopes for their referendum drive. This Mediageek episode is now online in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats.
(Disclaimer: Paul and I yammer on with prognostications on rfb’s case near the end, you have been warned).