Dueling Filings and Journalistic Kudos

The FCC filed a civil suit Tuesday seeking an injunction against radio free brattleboro; today the station filed a counterclaim, challenging FCC licensing authority on several constitutional grounds.
The (hopefully) good news of this move is that the FCC forego the route of the station raid, preferring instead to exert a more diplomatic form of muscle. It could still try to fine someone, but it sounds like the heavy community support may be paying off in keeping the goons away. You never quite know with them wily FCC types…rfb’s referendum for local support goes down March 2.
In San Francisco this week, Liberation Radio was named one of this year’s winners of the James Madison Freedom of Information Award. The honor comes from the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and pays tribute to “local journalists, organizations, public officials, and private citizens who have fought for public
access to government meetings and records, or have promoted the public’s right
to know, publish, broadcast, and speak freely about issues of public concern.”
A hearing on SFLR’s countersuit against the FCC (in response to the station raid in October) is set for March 5.