Bad News (Double Dose)

The first is the FCC’s decision to set aside an earlier ruling that suspended approval for an Oregon commercial radio station to move closer to Seattle – a move which will force Mercer Island High School’s KMIH-FM off the air. The set-aside effectively puts the school’s station back in the gallows.
KMIH General Manager Nick DeVogel says, “This decision is ripe for reconsideration and appeal, and we implore the Commission to do just that.”
I learned of the second piece of bad news at the end of Commander and Chief Radio vol. 7 (Bushkiller), when producer and collagist extraordinaire Skidmark Bob made the following announcement:
Now at this time your host and producer is out of a job and needing income. If you’d like to help support this program, or know of any editing work you can throw my way, please e-mail me today to….If I cannot cover the rent and bills I may have to cease producing these types of programs due to being homeless.
It would not be the first time for Bob (who is also a single father) – but once is more than enough. Money and love are both appreciated: money’s better for paying the bills but in situations like these it never hurts to have a little extra love around.