Unexpected Trip to San Francisco

Work on re-starting regular content updates remains suspended, as I still don’t have online access from home yet. Additionally, I’ll be away from home for most of the weekend, on the campus of Stanford University for a one-day conference Saturday on broadband, digital media technologies, and the future control of it all.
If you happen to attend, I’ll be speaking on two panels: the morning one will involve labor and the media, while the afternoon panel involves “wireless, wi-fi and microradio,” and will also feature members of Berkeley Liberation Radio and San Francisco Liberation Radio.
On the BLR front, this news recently landed in my (snail) mailbox from Paul Griffin, publisher of the Association of Micropower Broadcasters Report:
“Meanwhile, here in Berkeley, we have to deal with Soulbeat TV who have decided to start broadcasting on 104.1 FM, which is the same channel used by Berkeley Liberation Radio. Attempts to resolve this interference problem have been unsuccessful. If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know.”