Collage Files Restored, Expanded

The temporary hiatus of the media collage and Mbanna Kantako file archives turned into an unexpected server demise, but all affected files have now been restored. I took the opportunity to catch up on new additions to the Truthful Translations of Political Speech collage galleries: there are several new collages sprinkled throughout, both audio and video.
Not surprisingly, the majority of them have something to do with George W. Bush, who is now the subject of 30 translations. Choice bits from the latest batch include submissions from The Mentally Ill, Skidmark Bob, Muckrakor Media, and Warp Records.
The weekend excursion to the Bay area was fun. Max props to Carl and Tammy for putting me up (or putting up with me), especially on such short notice, and to mic and Sarah for the excellent panel on microradio. The conference itself was quite lively, as folks jawboned over concepts and strategies ranging from the strangulation of public access cable TV channels to privacy and security on the internet.
Simultaneously, across campus from us, Stanford’s business school was hosting a conference on the increasing importance of content in the digital media age, undoubtedly scheming various new ways to commoditize information at the best price.
I’m definitely intrigued by the potential wireless internet provides, especially for microradio stations. Bright Path Video rigged a wireless webcam system together for San Francisco’s anti-war demonstrations last month and sent live pictures of the street out to more than a half-million viewers in a single weekend. The same technology has been successfully used as a studio-to-transmitter link by at least one microradio station already.