Please Pardon the Hiatus

Completely unexpected life trauma has resulted in my emergency relocation. This occurred, ironically, just hours after I penned the ditty below.
As a result, I’ve been without internet access since then, although the phone company tells me my dial tone and DSL will be installed sometime next week (hopefully by mid-week at the earliest).
In an unrelated coincidence, our (free) server hosting provider also had to do some emergency relocation of his own, which has resulted in the temporary removal of the media collage galleries, as well as a selection of other audio and video files. I’m told this will be resolved shortly, so keep checking those pages as the files will be made available again soon.
When my internet access is restored, and my head is put back together, I’ve got lots of updates to do. Not only are there several new collages to share, but there’s also been a spate of FCC activity as of late, not to mention all of the other news I’ve missed.
My apologies for the downtime – but it will be over soon.