Translator-Mongers Fire Back

Looks like the Edgewater/RAM cabal found out that they’ve been found out. Yesterday they filed an emergency motion to dismiss” the public petition calling for a freeze on the processing of FM translator applications due to allegations of spectrum speculation and trafficking. It’s an arrogant document wherein they mince no words:
The Petition cites no wrongdoing whatsoever by the Ministries. It resorts instead to wild speculation impugning the character, motives, and methods of the Ministries and their principals.
Edgewater/RAM also notes that former FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani, now working for the United Church of Christ Office of Communication (a big LPFM supporter), contacted at least three sitting Commissioners on the translator-trafficking issue. Edgewater/RAM take great umbrage in this and demand Tristani somehow be punished. There is lots of lobbying going on behind the scenes including, thankfully, some religious broadcasters who express dismay over the ethics of the scheme.
There will be further strike and counterstrike in the record now, which you may watch unfold for yourself in the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System. Since the petition to freeze was filed on March 9, the FCC has since signed off on several Edgewater/RAM deals affecting at least four states, amounting to more than $48,000 worth of translator sales.