Radio Re/Volt: Quickie Summary

Paul @ Mediageek has the complete rundown, with pics and the appropriate links to everywhere relevant to our adventure in Minneapolis. As conferences go, it was on the fun side: way too many people you want to get to know, way too little time. Tetsuo was certainly awe-inspiring, but so was Kyle Drake, Free Radio Twin Cities, free103point9, the audience reception to Making Waves, and the hardy contingent of midwest pirates who converged on the scene to represent. I got to drink with none of them. But still, a good time. If we manage to get hold of the recordings made of the conference sessions they will get online somehow, at the very least through Radio MCAD, the gracious host of it all.

RAD Conference Ahoy

Wrapping up the Walker Arts Center‘s summer installation on microradio (Radio Re-Volt: One Person.ooOne Watt) will be a free two-day conference. RAD: Radio, Access, Democracy takes place at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design on October 29-30.
Microradio luminary Tetsuo Kogawa will give the keynote address and free103point9 will be in the haus with a special interactive performance. Michael Lahey’s new microradio documentary, Making Waves, may also get a special screening. Continue reading “RAD Conference Ahoy”