RAD Conference Ahoy

Wrapping up the Walker Arts Center‘s summer installation on microradio (Radio Re-Volt: One Person.ooOne Watt) will be a free two-day conference. RAD: Radio, Access, Democracy takes place at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design on October 29-30.
Microradio luminary Tetsuo Kogawa will give the keynote address and free103point9 will be in the haus with a special interactive performance. Michael Lahey’s new microradio documentary, Making Waves, may also get a special screening.
Paul the Mediageek and I will be there, serving on a couple of panels dealing with FCC issues surrounding media consolidation and low power radio activism. We may also co-facilitate a workshop on do-it-yourself media tactics.
Should be quite a fun time and I’m looking forward to it. Anyone got crash space?