Scene Report: California

Skidmark Bob reports a special guest dropped into the Free Radio Santa Cruz studios recently: Tracy James of Slave Revolt Radio fame. They talked about their microradio experiences and Tracy gave an update on the (SF) Bay area microradio scene. Berkeley Liberation Radio is alive and well and plans are afoot to launch a station in West Oakland. Recently Tracy, Bob, and fellow FRSCista George Cadman were guests on a show hosted by KPFT’s Norton Scooter, which is available via Radio4All.
The folks at San Francisco Liberation Radio have also checked in with an update. Their court skirmish with the government, which was expected to take another step this month, has been postponed until March 11. I’m still not clear just how the station’s legal argument will be effective, although SFLR still hopes to “make national policy change.” The station’s lawyers, however, are gearing up for an appeal to the Ninth Circuit, which is a sign in and of itself.
Moving slightly southward, a group calling itself “Free Radio Felton” has announced – via the local press – its intent to start a microradio outlet. It’s ballsy but not that surprising, especially since the station-to-be is taking its cue and pointers from Freak Radio.