Florida Media Complains: "Didn't We Outlaw Them?"

Two recent articles profile the appearance of new pirate stations in the state. One is relatively straightforward, the other reads like a Puritan beef. The latter station profiled, Dream Team Radio, covers multiple cities with two frequencies. It also has turned the “safe harbor” concept on its head – broadcasting “N-words and F-bombs” during the day and going to “love songs generally free of raunch” overnight.
When the media starts bitching the FCC (and, in the state of Florida, licensed broadcasters and law enforcement) are likely to take notice and make some examples of somebody. Perhaps that somebody will be Doug Brewer, formerly of Tampa’s Party Pirate fame, who closes out the first article with a somewhat damning cameo:
He was fined $22,000 but never paid….
Brewer remains something of a local legend. He still sells equipment to would-be pirates, but he pooh-poohs the chances of low-power stations gaining permits in cities.
“It’s not going to happen,” he said. “The FCC just caters to the corporate interests. Yeah, you can get a 10-watt or a 100-watt license in Podunk, but not in any major city or even close.”
Wonder who will make the next move?