LPAM's Appleseed Bears Fruit

Kyle Drake, the revolutionary LPAM guru whom I had the pleasure to meet at the RAD Conference, has unleashed something with great potential to give LPAM a significant kickstart in the proliferation department.
Key to this is a tunable loading coil – vitally important because it conquers what is probably the biggest drawback to liberation of the AM dial, the unwieldy nature of the antenna system. He’s designed one that works well.
Kyle’s written and is self-publishing a comprehensive guide to LPAM broadcasting. He says, “The book is full of the data, schematics, and guides needed to put together a fully functional LPAM station, with an important emphasis on the problems that affect LPAM broadcasters, such as cost and property constraints.” $27 gets you your own copy, which includes shipping and handling, and online ordering is available.
Kyle’s web site, LPAM.info, is also filling up with information on how to tame the medium wave. Coupled with the fact that at least a couple of LPAM transmitter kits are in the R&D stage, it should not be long now before the real fun can begin!