Pirate Radio USA Producers Speak

Paul the Mediageek interviewed the producers of the still-forthcoming documentary Pirate Radio USA, Jeff Pearson and Mary Jones (aka DJs “Him” and “Her”), for his latest radioshow. That, and a podcast-only supplement, finally reveal details about what to look forward to.
The film runs 82 minutes (whittled from 115). It’s the first feature-length piece for Cannonball Productions: they warmed up on a couple of shorts and long runs on public access television.
Pearson and Jones also participated in various Seattle-area microradio operations for seven years, which is what turned them on to the scene. But they had no idea they were part of a national movement for media democracy until 1998, when they attended a public microradio mobilization in Washington, D.C. That set them off on a cross-country journey to visit other stations and learn their stories.
The narrative’s apparently provided by interlaced footage of an actual microbroadcast filmed by DJs Him and Her earlier this year. The soundtrack sounds awesome: some 30 songs, including samples from the ear candy archive.