Copyright Criminals Remix Contest Extended; PoP dEFECT's Digital Dangers

The killer sampling documentary Copyright Criminals is nearing the final cut (view a 10-minute trailer). In the run-up to its release there’s been a remix contest utilizing samples from the documentary as well as from the musicians featured in it. The deadline for submissions has been extended to March 14.
The winning remix will be used in the final release of the documentary and 11 runners-up will be featured on a companion compilation CD. Kembrew McLeod, scholar/prankster extraordinaire, is one of Copyright Criminals’ producers – anyone working as hard as him to put the “ass” back into assistant professor is okay by me.
Also this week Skidmark Bob released a new episode of PoP dEFECT RADIO. “Digital Dangers” covers similar ground in a half-hour of well-woven audio, featuring tracks from The Droplift Project, Animals Within Animals, Negativland, Le Tigre, and much more subjected to Bob’s sonic blender treatment.