Berkeley Liberation Radio Packs Up, For Now

The station shut down earlier this week in preparation for moving out of its present space by the end of the month. The Berkeley Daily Planet was there, and reports that things ended with a party:
The small broadcasting studio grew ever more crowded as the last hour wound down, voices raised in pitch and speed as the clock counted down the final few minutes.
Vinyl LPs and CDs were boxed up, ready to be hauled off, and empty plastic boxes were scattered around to supplement the limited numbers of folding chairs.
There was dark ale and Mexican beer for those who imbibed alcohol, and a distinctive 60’s fragrance that hinted at the presence of another favored Berkeley celebratory substance.
Quite a different portrayal is found in the Alameda Times-Star, which did, to its credit, quote Berkeley city councilwoman Kriss Worthington: “I think they provide important perspectives that have a hard time getting onto larger radio and TV stations. It’s important that they’re able to express their vi