Enforcement Action Database Update

I’ve added several dozen entries to the Database, bringing the total number of enforcement actions catalogued above 500. This includes a slew of activity in 2005 and the backfilling of information from 2001 forward. New York overtakes California as the second-hottest spot in the nation (yet Florida still outpaces all with ease); November flashes past July as the busiest month for pirate-busting.
While it appears that FCC enforcement activity against microbroadcasters has ramped up in the post-LPFM rulemaking years, it’s important to remember that a single station is often responsible for several data points, as field agents often make repeated visits and attempts to inspect a station before escalating matters.
It would also seem that the FCC’s followed through somewhat on its threats to speed up the escalation protocol in the direction of monetary penalties, although no evidence exists to suggest that the agency has improved its abysmal collection rate, and the amount of revenue generated by going after unlicensed broadcasters still pales in comparison to the resources expended in the policing process.