Press Review: RFB Follow-up and The Power of God(casting)

More newspapers now have articles on the raid of radio free brattleboro, and V-Man has an interview with station co-founder Larry Bloch. It sounds like the station is still absorbing the shock of the raid, especially since it was conducted during a time when the station was automated, thereby avoiding the outright conflict most raids cause. (FCC agents have already had one run-in with Brattleboro citizens before, which they didn’t seem to enjoy.)
The government estimates it stole about $15,000 worth of gear; the station had no backup cache. If I remember correctly rfb runs on a pretty involved consensus model, which means a rebound might take some time.
In other news, the Columbia Journalism Review just published an excellent exploration into the world of evangelist Christian media, with special focus on broadcasting, and extra-special focus on perception-shaping. Some of the statistics on the sheer growth and size of Christian radio today (thanks, in part, to translator proliferation) were eye-opening, as were the words of Frank Wright, president of the National Religious Broadcasters: “We don’t just tell them what the news is. We tell them what it means.”