WNFC Proposal Collects Endorsements

The plan to demonstrate the power of LPFM with a temporary microradio station chock full o’ news and community programming in Ferndale, Michigan continues to roll along. A finalized version of the WNFC Manifesto is being printed this weekend and WNFC is accepting endorsements from anyone interested in expressing solidarity with this upcoming experiment.
You can e-mail WNFC directly with your name and any other information needed for an endorsement, if you’re so inclined. A preliminary list of supporters will be published with the Manifesto, but WNFC will accept support (symbolic or otherwise) “until this project is complete, several months down the line.”
This would be an excellent opportunity for media reformists to show a little support for their deniable assets putting pressure on from the field. Add a steel toe to the soft-shoe, so to speak. WNFC’s received about 400 endorsements so far: most are citizens and groups from Ferndale and surrounding communities, but the list also includes the Association of Micro Power Broadcasters, the Green Party of Michigan, Jim Hightower, the Michigan Independent Media Center, and one LPFM licensee (that’s the spirit!).