Update #2 – More Details on BLR Raid

Looks like yesterday’s raid of Berkeley Liberation Radio was pretty severe; the government hard at work, making the world safer for us all. Cap’n Fred sent a note about the incident:
“The FCC had an arrest warrant for the equipment. They knocked on the door and slid the warrant under. The dj in the studio at the time looked at it and decided he’d better let them in. They then proceeded to tear down our antenna and confiscate all the electronic equipment in the room. They left our scratchy old records, tapes and cd’s.”
“A couple of folks have gone by and taken pictures of the room as they left it. We’ve contacted our lawyers and called an emergency meeting for tonight. Pretty soon we’ll make a decision as to what we want to do. Actually the stuff that was stolen was a bunch of old junk anyway, so the loss is not catastrophic. We will survive!”
V-Man @ Freak Radio Santa Cruz has already interviewed the Cap’n and produced an audio report with more details and reaction. It sounds like they’re basically going to have to construct a new station from scratch. They’ll take any donations, including checks or money orders, at the following address:
Berkeley Liberation Radio
P.O. Box 5044
Berkeley, CA 94705