FCC Washes Hands of LPFM?

The FCC removed its online LPFM Channel Finder program from the agency’s website on Monday, December 9. The Channel Finder was a tool prospective LPFM applicants could use to find out whether there were any open frequencies for LPFM stations in their area.
According to the FCC’s announcement:
“Rather than generate studies now that may not result in an acceptable application during the next application filing window (no application filing windows are expected in the near future), we have suspended use of the LPFM Channel Finder for an indefinite period.”
The best interpretation I’ve seen of that statement so far is this (rock out bryan27!):
“The current administration sees no need of furthering LPFM. We will no longer be offering the LPFM channel finder under the current administration. The next LPFM window will open when an LPFM friendly administration comes to power.
Further we will not be acting on applications that are MX or have small errors until all singleton applicants have either built their facility or have let their CP expire. We anticipate dealing with these situations in 2008.”
Looks like LPFM may have just been a one-shot deal after all – a token crumb to the rabble who cared long enough to actually try and affect change on the radio dial. I truly hope those who were lucky enough to get licenses cherish them and use them to their fullest – everyone else should go on the air anyway.
With that in mind, there’s still an alternate LPFM channel finder available, provided by the whiz-kids at REC Networks. It’s quite accurate, well-maintained, and full of great features the FCC’s own program didn’t have.