Truthful Translators: Where Are They Now?

Some interesting developments in the lives of a few of the talented collagists that have taken political rhetoric to new levels:
Norton Scooter made a pilgrimage to Crawford, Texas during the president’s vacation and spent time at the spontaneous peace camp that grew up outside the ranch. It ended in his arrest. As is his penchant, the story is told in audio – a priceless 30 minutes’ worth (29:55, 24 MB). Scooter is one of the most talented long-form storytellers working in the medium of sound today.
On the other side of the world, Tom Compagnoni, under the moniker of Wax Audio, has blown up at home and can be heard all over Australia’s airwaves. This is thanks to a 7″ record released under the Metal Postcard label featuring two of his translations first released in March. Tom’s own Lennon/Bush subversion, “Imagine This” (4:32, 4.2 MB) is the A-side.
The 7″ has since become a hot commodity, garnering significant airplay in the U.K. It’s also trickling onto the U.S. airwaves. Ironic that it took a vinyl release to finally break big, but that’s the way it still works sometimes.