It’s been about nine months since this site moved to a properly-beefy server. One of the advantages of the move was regaining access to site stats. Having a somewhat consistent record to work with now, there’s interesting info to share.
At present DIYmedia serves up an average of ~80,000 pages per month to more than 20,000 unique users. Hit-wise, on a monthly basis, the number’s well over 300,000. This works out to nearly 700 visitors a day (on zero publicity).
Folks download an average of 120-150 gigabytes of goodness per month (which is the equivalent of downloading the entire site’s A/V archive at least once per day). We should cross the terabyte mark this month.
The top search term is “free radio stations” (a close second is “paul harvey bong“).
Top 10 downloadables (for August, so far):
1. Anti-Flag: Underground Network
2. The Clash: This is Radio Clash
3. Rage Against the Machine w/Tool: You Can’t Kill the Revolution
4. Rage Against the Machine: Guerrilla Radio
5. Cheap Sex: Raped by the FCC
6. The Ramones: We Want the Airwaves
7. Refused: Liberation Frequency
8. Norton Scooter: Innerside #33
9. Cliff Roth: Just Say Yes
10. National Cynical Network: Deconstructing “Dutch”: The Ronald Reagan Remix
(Honorable mentions include DJ Shadow “Would You Buy A War From This Man?,” New Horizon In Violence “A Deep Personal Love,” rx “Imagine/Walk on the Wild Side” and “Dick Is A Killer,” 37Hz “Death of Democracy,” and Skidmark Bob “Commander and Chief Radio #13.”)
The top 25 visitor domain/location categories (again, for August):
1. .net
2. .com
3. (unresolved/unknown)
4. United Kingdom
5. .edu                                              
6. Canada
7. Australia
8. Germany
9. Netherlands
10. Belgium
11. Italy
12. Japan
13. Hungary
14. Singapore
15. Norway
16. Poland
17. United States
18. .mil
19. Brazil
20. Austria
21. New Zealand
22. France
23. .org
24. Finland
25. .gov
Thanks to all for sharing the love.