Radio-Related Video of Note

Rayon Payne aka N$X sends word that he’s landed a deal with Orlando TV station WRDQ to produce a weekend “reality show like no other in existence, transforming a nightclub into a mini-television set.” A further teaser is available at This is part of Payne’s ambitious plans to not only resurrect the 95Live sensation, but blow it up in ’06 to include “international promotion, a fashion line, merchandising, etc.” The first 95Live TV show airs on New Year’s Day.
The Hallmark Channel will screen the United Church of Christ-sponsored documentary LPFM: The People’s Choice on Sunday, January 8. This will be a re-run of the documentary’s extended version, which first aired on a smattering of NBC affiliates late last year. Continue reading “Radio-Related Video of Note”

NBC To Air LPFM Documentary Next Sunday

The extended version of LPFM: The People’s Voice has been scheduled to run on Sunday, September 26. Unfortunately, the program is optional to NBC affiliates, so you’ll have to check your local listings to find out when it will air – or even if it will air – in your area.
Here in Champaign, entreaties to the local NBC station were met with various and conflicting excuses for why it won’t play, even though we handed them a local story hook they could tie it into (“where your local news comes first,” my ass). Perhaps you will fare better. Continue reading “NBC To Air LPFM Documentary Next Sunday”

Parting Ways

There is much news to report as the introduction of America’s new low power FM (LPFM) service continues. While progress is good, it’s apparent now that the service – and its new constituents – are working to separate themselves from the movement of electronic civil disobedience which spurred its creation.
The FCC has been quietly issuing new LPFM station construction permits in small batches; the current count is now up to 41, and it’s expected that handfuls will continue to be released throughout the year.
The lack of fanfare from the FCC, who could certainly use a bit of publicity on an issue like this to at least maintain its rhetorical populism, is a bit disturbing. Continue reading “Parting Ways”