NBC To Air LPFM Documentary Next Sunday

The extended version of LPFM: The People’s Voice has been scheduled to run on Sunday, September 26. Unfortunately, the program is optional to NBC affiliates, so you’ll have to check your local listings to find out when it will air – or even if it will air – in your area.
Here in Champaign, entreaties to the local NBC station were met with various and conflicting excuses for why it won’t play, even though we handed them a local story hook they could tie it into (“where your local news comes first,” my ass). Perhaps you will fare better.
Hopefully The United Church of Christ’s Microradio Implementation Project will make this version available online (like it did with the shorter documentary), or maybe distribute copies by request. The Interfaith Broadcasting Commission pledges to provide VHS copies (cost unknown).
No surprise that the radio trade press has panned it with descriptors like “highly one-sided” for not providing the viewpoints of the NAB et. al. You mean it might be manipulative in a similar manner to the industry’s use of twisted science and blatant propaganda to cut LPFM off at the knees in the first place? Pot, meet kettle….