Making Waves Update; FCC in MN

Michael Lahey’s been getting around: his killer microradio documentary will get more screenings around the country next year, one of which will be in April at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC. Also, a professor from the UK recently contacted Michael about using Making Waves as part of an exercise/discussion in a new textbook on alternative media.
Earlier this month Michael also was a special guest on The Power Hour, a talk show carried on the Genesis Communications Network. Not only did Michael get two hours to plug the film and talk about the issues behind it, but they also opened the phone lines. That’s where things got interesting: Continue reading “Making Waves Update; FCC in MN”

Broken Blackout Breaks Back

Napoleon Williams has taken his share of punishment for running his own radio station, and then some. He’s faced trumped-up charges, the loss of his children, and strong-armed police – all for stepping up and speaking truth to power.
Now, after fighting for nearly 10 years, Napoleon Williams is off the air and on the run.
The saga begins on August 21, 1990 in not-so-racially-harmonious city of Decatur, Illinois: That is when Williams signs Black Liberation Radio on the air for the first time. The motive: Expose and force change in the attitudes and policies that were a source of constant tension within the community. Continue reading “Broken Blackout Breaks Back”