Making Waves Update; FCC in MN

Michael Lahey’s been getting around: his killer microradio documentary will get more screenings around the country next year, one of which will be in April at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC. Also, a professor from the UK recently contacted Michael about using Making Waves as part of an exercise/discussion in a new textbook on alternative media.
Earlier this month Michael also was a special guest on The Power Hour, a talk show carried on the Genesis Communications Network. Not only did Michael get two hours to plug the film and talk about the issues behind it, but they also opened the phone lines. That’s where things got interesting:
Napoleon Williams (5:50, 1.4 MB), who’s been on the run from the law for the last five years, called in (supposedly from Missouri) to tell his story.
Reverend Rick Strawcutter (6:46, 1.6 MB) also phoned in to complement Michael on the documentary and provide more details of Radio Free Lenawee’s skirmishes with the FCC.
You can listen to the complete two hours (in MP3 format) here and here.
In other news, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and an aide to Michael Copps spent the night of December 7 in St. Paul as part of a continuing series of public forums on media concentration. Hundreds of people showed up to the campus of Hamline University, and many gave public testimony (more than 3.5 hours worth).
My favorite came from Beth Van Damm, a volunteer with Radio MCAD, and an organizer of the Radio Re:Volt conference in October:
Until the day that the FCC and the NAB recognize that LPFM does not pose a threat…long live the pirates, wherever they may be, who forge ahead anyway, fighting the good fight for our public airwaves.” (:48, 193K)
You can also listen to a complete recording of the event (in Real Audio), courtesy of KFAI community radio.