Schellhardt & Schnazz Updated

Don Schellhardt’s got a good overview of several other notable proposals and rulemakings taking place at the FCC in November’s Amendment One, and there have been plenty ignored in all the hoopla over media ownership and digital broadcast copyright protection. The Latest Schnazz has 18 links this week, a bit bigger than usual to make up for the missed update.
Another interesting rulemaking just opened is the FCC’s potential overhaul of interference standards. It is looking into adopting an “interference temperature” as a part of any future spectrum management protocol; instead of the FCC’s traditional method of regulating spectrum by limiting power at the transmitter (regardless of band), the “interference temperature” method would assume a tolerable level of interference from the outset. This has the potential to significantly change the way the FCC manages spectrum use in the future.
According to the announcement on the proposed rulemaking, the “interference temperature” idea may get a test run in reality as a factor in spectrum allocations involving the 6525-6700 MHz and portions of the 12.75-13.25 GHz bands.