Pirate Radio USA Premieres

prusa_postcardThe latest feature-length film on the U.S. microradio movement got good reviews at the Bermuda International Film Festival, which called Pirate Radio USA “a fun, clever documentary that challenges the belief that Americans have freedom of speech.” One review called it “wicked funny“; another made a positive comparison to Pump Up the Volume. Large Bloody Marys were also consumed, a near-guarantee of fun for all involved.
The trailer seems to tie microradio into larger struggles against corporate globalization; the execution of this connection, I think, will say much about the overall cinematic effort, though it’s natural coming from two long-time Seattle microradio activists.
The trailer also seems to suggest that the filmmakers actually operated one or more pirate stations as a part of the production process, a pretty smooth move in and of itself.
Once I’ve seen the DVD I’ll do up a review similar to previous documentary projects. Pirate Radio USA debuts domestically at the Woods Hole Film Festival (July 29-August 5). It’ll also be screened at the Wine Country Film Festival on August 19.