Pirate Radio USA Available Online

Notes Mediageek, via the documentary’s distributor, B-Side Films. B-Side’s website is currently undergoing a major overhaul/redesign which may impact access, which will not be free. Back when Pirate Radio USA was in post-production Paul did an excellent extended interview with its producers that gives the film some extra context.
If the online version is truly DRM-free there’s no good reason why Torrents and other p2p technology couldn’t encourage further viewership. It would be cool if somehow Making Waves could get similar distributorship. Producer Michael Lahey has relocated from Minneapolis to Chicago, and while he’s no longer doing the festival circuit Pirate Radio USA‘s excellent predecessor is worthy of a much wider screening, too.
If you need further distraction, a simple search for “pirate radio” on YouTube produces more than 600 hits, including several gems about the offshore and contemporary European scenes and modern U.S. microradio.