Once on the Short List for FCC Commissioner, Now Clear Channel Lobbyist

Andrew Levin, currently the top adviser to the ranking Democrat congresscritter on the House Energy and Commerce Committee (the body with the most power over media regulation), is leaving government service to work for Clear Channel Communications.
Levin was once considered a front-runner for a seat on the Federal Communications Commission as one of its two Democrats. Instead, he’ll be opening up a Clear Channel lobbying office in Washington, where he’ll serve as “Senior Vice President for Government Relations.”
According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Levin says, “I don’t think there’s been anyone in Washington to present facts that would dispel those myths about how Clear Channel operates its business. That’s what I’ll be doing.”
He’ll have a lot of money to work with: Clear Channel organized its own political action committee earlier this year and strongly suggested in a memo to employees that they donate a percentage of their salaries to the war chest.
And this guy was nearly selected to create the rules. He’ll still get to do that, of course, only now he’ll be better-paid and insulated from public scrutiny. Another example of the very real revolving door between government and business.