Could Wi-Fi go Hi-Fi?, Prometheus to Assemble "Dictionary of Noise"

With low power FM mostly confined to the hinterlands, activists interested in expanding access to the airwaves are looking at other areas of the electromagnetic spectrum to squat. Kyle Drake has been reading some interesting stuff about the use of wireless networks operating at low powers with large coverage areas in the frequencies above one gigahertz (1 GHz).
In order to spur discussions on the idea of creating a new “citizen’s broadcast band (CBB),” Kyle’s set up a simple web forum. So far, a few are kicking the tires on the concept in a positive light, approaching the proposal from multiple perspectives. Not all think heading into such high-frequency territory is the solution – but it’s the thought that counts. Contribute yours!
Meanwhile, as the rollout of new LPFM stations continues, the clever folks at the Prometheus Radio Project are working on a new online resource they’ve dubbed “The Dictionary of Noise.” According to founder Pete triDish:
“We are looking for five to ten second samples of all sorts of audio, radio, and digital problems. These samples will be used to help teach new technicians how to recognize common problems, and will be housed for free use on our website,…For example, we need clips of:
Audio: 60 cycle hum, ground loop, AM interference, overcompression, bad connectors, bad stereo separation, harmonic distortion
Radio: Multipath, adjacent channel interference, interference from other services, overmodulation
Digital: Low sample rates, low bandwidth
“Before and after recordings are especially helpful so people can identify when a problem is fixed. So, send us recordings of your favorite noises! MP3s can be sent to Contributors will be acknowledged and get two free copies of [a compilation] CD mailed to them.”
This is a really cool idea, especially helpful for those starting out in radio broadcasting with zero engineering experience. If you can think of other noises to add to the list, don’t hesitate to drop them a line.