News Potpourri

A confluence of busyness this semester has swept aside my site-update time. I’m almost caught up with the major stuff, though the regularity of updates will remain slow for the foreseeable future, and more general site-maintenance is on hiatus. Which is funny, because back when this site actually paid for itself, I only updated it about once a week, though it was a lot smaller lo those nearly ten years ago.
That being said, here’s a highlight of things that are now up to speed:
Enforcement action this year continues apace; the stats are somewhat skewed by a growing number of arrests in Florida, three in the last two months. But the state’s anti-pirate law has yet to receive its day in court, much less produce a conviction.
The microradio documentary Pirate Radio USA got a good review on Cinematical. I saw a screener version a couple of months ago, but have been waiting to write up my own till I get some clips to publish along with it, like I’ve done for the others. The producers are great people and tell the story from an honestly first-person perspective.
Friend Peter Brinson just published a great article in The Sociological Quarterly about the modern U.S. microradio movement and its implications in the larger realm of media reform. He’s a critically optimistic scholar, nice to have someone at your back.
The Media Decompression Collective – Berlin is my latest discovery in the world of video collage. Their RIAA ad jam is well worth watching.
Search the Center for Public Integrity’s Media Tracker by zip code to find out who owns what media where you live. This is a useful tool, and will most likely get useful with the flurry of corporate media sales/transactions underway.
Much more to be found in the Schnazz. The Truthful Translations gallery will be growing soon as well – keep the tracks coming, there’s still space and bandwidth to burn.