New Tracks from Wax Audio; Free Passes to Free Press Conference

Tom Compagnoni first dropped the world-leaders-as-rappers tip last year with WMD…and other distractions. He’s back (with crew) as Wax Audio, featuring a new album, Mediacracy. It’s a broader sonic critique of the geopolitical follies of the last couple of years, with special attention given to the media’s role in them. Not as much rapping, save GWB’s cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which is a feat in and of itself. Several of the cuts will eventually make their way into Truthful Translations this week but you can get ’em direct at a better bitrate from the link above.
It seems that applications to the Media Reform Conference Scholarship Fund are running a bit low: “We have only 110 applications this year, compared to 350 [at this point before the 2003 conference].” Therefore,
The [application] deadline has been extended to March 15. Free Press is committed to supporting increased participation by people from constituencies traditionally under-represented in media policy work (including people of color, women, youth, GLBT, labor and grassroots activist constituencies). We also seek broad geographic representation. We will prioritize scholarship applications from individuals who contribute to the diversity of conference participants.