New SF Station Preemptively Called Out

This is a first: someone posts to an Indymedia site warning about the impending presence of a microradio station. The concern is that “Radio X”‘s dial position – second adjacent to a hybrid community/public radio station – might cause interference, and bring the FCC into town on a city-wide sweep. It seems as if the posting was made to deter the station’s operation.
Interference is unlikely, so long as the station’s transmitter is stable and well-maintained. In addition, the FCC’s Western Region headquarters office is located just outside San Francisco (over the hills in Pleasanton), so it’s not like field agents aren’t already in the vicinity.
Though the situation on the ground doesn’t reflect that reality: “Radio X” will be the sixth or seventh microradio station for the Bay area, though there could very well be more we haven’t heard of/from.