More HD Radio and DTV Fun

Check this “confidential survey” designed to gauge industry acceptance of HD Radio. Question #10 is my favorite, as it really encapsulates the overall tenor of the survey itself:
Overall, which of the following statements best applies to you and HD Radio technology?
* – I was never a fan, and don’t believe in HD Radio’s future
* – I’m not sure about how I feel about HD Radio
* – I was a fan, but now am very pessimistic about HD Radio’s future
* – I was a fan, but am not so sure about HD Radio’s ultimate success
* – I am a fan and believe that HD Radio will succeed
* – Other (please specify)
I filled out the survey, and since it’s not quite confidential anymore, so can you. It will be interesting to see if its results are ever published.
Then there’s the ongoing saga of the “#38 DTV Transition Ford“: New race, new crash. In this one, the car went airborne and landed on top of another, causing a fire. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries. If only the same could be said for the transition itself.