"Is This My New TV?"

Yes, Grandma, you may very well be right. Seriously, though: while the previous link is to a parody, check how many views it’s gotten. Now compare that to the number of overall viewers that were exposed to the NASCAR “DTV Transition Ford” which, in its four glorious races as-sponsored by the FCC, finished at best in 27th. Crashes aside, was this ‘lil stunt really an outreach effort worth $350,000 of taxpayer money? Granny’s probably more done to elevate DTV in the public mind than the FCC has so far – with a homemade video that clocks in at under two minutes.
(Of course, in the interest of “balance” it is appropriate to point out that racing favoritism at the FCC is a bipartisan issue – Democratic Chairman William Kennard effectively gave a race-track in Texas the right to run a pirate radio station after some badgering from said track-owner’s Congresscritter. But I digress.)
There’s still a lot to be sorted out in D.C., but in the media policy context it certainly can’t get any worse than the reign of Mikey Powell and Kevin Martin’s “faith-based” agenda. Good riddance to that.