Media Activist/Reformers Preparing Madison Invasion

Less than two weeks from the National Conference on Media Reform in Madison and plans have been announced for a shadow “Be the Media” convergence as well. The idea is to get the participants to mingle with each other and teach some real media skills to people.
Various IMCs and other grassroots media outlets around the U.S. are sending contingents and many events will be webcast (this is why I have been so busy as of late). There’s also plans to set up a collective conference blog so participants can pool coverage and perspectives. Stay tuned for more details. In all I wouldn’t be surprised if 1,500-2,000 people – maybe more – take part in the fun.
This week’s Schnazz update is especially good for catching the stuff that’s fallen through the news cracks, like the Supreme Court’s dismissal of a petition from Greg Ruggiero in his lawsuit challenging the ban on “pirates” from LPFM licensure, Utah Phillips’ homage to microbroadcasters recently aired on NPR’s “A Prairie Home Companion,” and lots more.