KBFR Receives Fourth FCC Visit; Skidmark Bob Produces "Pirates of the Air"

Agent Jon Sprague from the FCC’s office in Denver showed up Tuesday evening and simply dropped off yet another warning letter, reports Monk. The station is temporarily off the air as it moves to a virgin location (this is a drill they have down well by this point). The FCC visit comes just as KBFR prepares to hold a benefit concert featuring some of the musicians who’ve cycled through the station’s van/studio. A compilation CD of those performances, Studio Free Boulder, is now for sale, along with T-shirts (only locally, unfortunately).
Monk also recently blogged that they’ve got new company on the dial:
“Someone with a BIG fucking transmitter (bigger than ours) is going on air periodically, 2-3 hours at a time, and playing the same 5-6 lame songs over and over, or just broadcasting dead air on top of our frequency. We have no idea why. We’ve tracked it, and found it moves. Whoever it is has mobile capabilities. Clever, really. Similar to our own approach. Makes them very difficult to locate.”
Meanwhile, down at Freak Radio Santa Cruz, Skidmark Bob is on another prolific streak. In addition to his regular programming responsibilities and collage work with the Department of Corrections, Bob found time recently to produce and air a special show on free radio itself. “Pirates of the Air” features lots and lots of clips from stations on the AM, FM, and shortwave bands, as well as some old-school sonic action from the European offshore stations of the 1960s and 70s. Leavened throughout are songs about pirate radio. A very cool way to kill – or fill – an hour.