Note: All audio is in 48kbps/44KHz mono MP3 format.
Speakers are listed in the order they appeared.
wkferreeW. Kenneth Ferree – Chief, FCC Media Bureau (1:54, 673K)
Short and to the point, Ferree set up the charade by brandishing a logbook of some of the first radio licenses the FCC ever issued.
Notable quotes:
“This is a historic order. It marks the coming age of the original wireless technologies. Broadcasters were wireless before wireless became cool.”
“IBOC technology will create new opportunities and new services that promise to usher in a revolution in radio broadcasting.”
agallagherAnn Gallagher – Engineer, FCC Media Bureau, Audio Division (5:27, 1.9 MB)
The actual hatchet-woman, Gallagher outlined the Report and Order authorizing the rollout of IBOC-DAB with forced enthusiasm, more advertiser than adviser.
Notable quotes:
“IBOC is the technological equivalent of a free or nearly free lunch. It allows all incumbent radio broadcasters to begin digital operations by using their existing spectrum allocation more intensively.”
“The nearly-unanimous support from broadcasters for iBiquity’s IBOC system is summarized succinctly by the NAB: ‘It works. It’s ready.'”
“The [National Radio Systems Committee] tests show that the iBiquity IBOC system offers better audio fidelity, more robust signals, and importantly, the opportunity for new auxiliary services.”
“Introducing digital IBOC signals into the heavily-used AM and FM bands will, nevertheless, require some tradeoff. Tests show a small increase in potential interference, mainly outside protected AM and FM service areas.”
kabernathyFCC Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy (1:50, 650K)
Read Abernathy’s separately published Statement (.DOC format)
It started getting surreal when Abernathy ended her comments with a plug to go buy the new digital radio receivers. Get shopping!
Notable quotes:
“We don’t get that many items where it’s a sort of win-win for everyone and it’s a no-brainer to support it.”
“You’ll get a better quality audio signal, you may be able to have multiple audio streams with data and interactive services, and a much stronger, robust economic environment for our licensees.”
“I’m anxious to actually be able to go out and purchase one of the receivers and get this new service for my car and my home.”
mcoppsFCC Commissioner Michael Copps (2:25, 855K)
Read Copps’s separately published Statement (.DOC format)
He’s usually the one most likely to keep the whole public interest concept most closely in mind – but not this time. Copps, like Abernathy, urges the people to buy into digital radio – regardless of its real cost, which it’s clear he doesn’t understand.
Notable quotes:
A few questions remain to be settled, including how the IBOC system will function in the real world; what is the potential for and extent of interference that IBOC could cause to existing services; and the technical feasibility of nighttime AM IBOC transmissions.” [emphasis added]
“I do want to congratulate industry for putting aside traditional rivalries and working together…it’s a splendid example, I think, of private sector partnering.”
“I understand that questions remain to be settled on interference and technical feasibility on nighttime AM IBOC, but I’m confident that the procedures and processes that you have put in place will allow us to accomodate those efficiently and productively.”
kmartinFCC Commissioner Kevin Martin (:41, 244K)
Read Martin’s separately published statement (.DOC format)
Martin had, essentially, NOTHING to say to this “historic moment” he was a part of. He essentially stumbled his way through repetitions of what Copps and Abernathy had already articulated.
Listening to it reminded me how how kids wing it when the teacher calls on them and they haven’t been paying attention. A reassuring performance: rest easy, America!
mpowellFCC Chairman Michael Powell (1:00, 358K)
The High Priest of the Free Market greased the skids for IBOC to become the digital standard for radio; the crowning touch was enacting the rule before the final standards for the new transmission protocol have been worked out. Deaf to its flaws, Powell turned in the second-shortest comments (and his clip above includes the actual Commission vote).
Notable quotes:
“I think it’s a very proud moment for the Commission and a proud moment for the industry.”