Veronica/NRG Founder Dies

Stephen Moss, founder of NRG Kits and the original creator of the Veronica line of gear, died on October 23rd from complications involving ALS/MND (known in the States as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). He was first diagnosed in January, and while the prognosis is usually bleak in these cases the disease progressed unusually fast.
According to correspondence with NRG staff, the business will continue to operate, but some gear will be discontinued – stuff that only Stephen could make. Further details are unknown at this time.
The loss of Stephen Moss is huge for the FM free radio world. Veronica gear was once the gold standard, though what is marketed under that brand name now is not the same quality as what Stephen once made. NRG then assumed that role: price for performance, NRG transmitters were top of the line. I’ve seen several boxes go through hell and back and perform flawlessly. Let’s hope Stephen’s legacy lives on in that regard.

One thought on “Veronica/NRG Founder Dies”

  1. So sad to hear about Stephen, and I can confirm that the equipment manufactured under the Veronica trademark is now crap as compared to before Stephen’s demise.

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