UC-IMC Buys Post Office

~30,000 square feet, including massive open space, suites of offices, and crazy hidden nooks and crannies (where postal inspectors once kept secret watch on the staff).
$218,000 goes a long way in east-central Illinois. The IMC already has about a third of that on hand, and the rest, it is hoped, can be paid by renting out space to other groups and such. The potential for a performance space nearly dwarfs anything else available off-campus. The post office still maintains a station in the building, but as tenants ($1 a year for the next ten): Uncle Sam say hi to your new landlord!
This has been a long time coming, and I’ve only been here a year, so the gory details of how the deal came to pass are vague to me. One of the building’s first new uses will be as home to WRFU-LP, Radio Free Urbana, which has to be on the air by June 19, according to the FCC construction permit. It promises to be a busy summer.
Hopefully a rejuvenating one as well: since I’ve been around the UC-IMC’s been in kind of a rough spot, with a portion of its founding volunteer base drifting away and some divisiveness involving IMC process on some touchy subjects. I do think part of the reason why the IMC went large was in hopes of drawing new blood and energy into the group. The ride should be fun either way…