Two Critical Online Resources Get Even More Useful

The first is the venerable A-Infos Radio Project (which I believe is now separate from the woefully outdated – a complete overhaul of the project source code. The new layout takes a bit of getting used to and there might be a couple of bugs left to catch, but remember, this is free sh*t. The A-Infos Radio Project is arguably the best open source audio clearinghouse available online, with several uploads added to the system every day. They can always use some help: bandwidth is a killer, and there has to be hundreds of gigabytes of audio archived already.
Also the database wizards at REC Networks have rolled out a major update to their searchable radio frequency databases. Stations identified in searches are now tagged by ownership, which allows for the running of “media concentration reports” in markets across the country. This includes data not only on the largest commercial broadcast conglomerates but reports about various non-commercial entities, including our favorite religious translator networks.