Truthful Translations Almost Go Mainstream

No, not the massive archive curated here: this boost is courtesy of Stephen Colbert’s “Make [John] McCain Exciting Challenge.” The Colbert Report uploaded footage of McCain standing behind a green screen, and then asked the public to make his speechifying more attention-grabbing through the magic of digital video editing technology.
Some of the contributions are kind of lame (McCain droning on in front of a UFO, some dinosaurs, or mixed into a plethora of movie scenes), while others are more creative. Somebody mashed McCain with Madonna, for example, and another made a pretty wack techno mix.
Nobody’s yet gone the extra mile to “re-translate” McCain beyond his visual surroundings (i.e., re-wording the man himself in order to make him make more sense). Hopefully, that step isn’t far behind. If you are so inspired, don’t hesitate to let me know; your creativity is always welcome here.