The Karmic Circle of WIN(S)

Fresh from a skirmish with an overzealous state lawmaker on a liberal media witch-hunt, the Workers Independent News (Service) got a surprising bit of good news recently. WIN(S) can now be heard in New York on 1010 WINS-AM.
This is quite a turn of events, for three years ago the owner of 1010 WINS, the CBS Corporation (née Infinity Broadcasting, formerly a subsidiary of Viacom) threatened to sue WIN(S) not once, but twice, on spurious claims of trademark infringement.
Apparently WIN(S) on WINS debuted yesterday and can be heard several times throughout the day. This does not mean, however, that those who own and control CBS Radio are no longer bullying f*cktards. It’s a somewhat bittersweet vindication, as I still wish we would have told them to suck it when the saga first began. All praise due to the current WIN(S) crew for growing the project to the point where this could happen.