Little By Little

It might not look like much, but there are several sections of the links library now online. Most importantly, the stations and schematics pages are functional again! We’ve gathered tons of news and new links during the short hiatus offline, and we’ll be doing massive updates and additions once the existing content is available.
As an active member of my local Independent Media Center, we’re f*ckin busy right now preparing for the upcoming U.S. Conference of Mayors annual meeting and the expected protests that will surround it; this all happens a week and a half from now. It has been taking up a lot of energy, and keeps me away from more work here.
Police are playing up the threat of an invasion of “violent anarchists” from out-of-town, but that’s just an excuse to get militaristic and whoop some ass. They don’t call it “police violence” for nuthin’…

The Grind is Underway

This is going to take some time.
There’s five years’ worth of material not only to copy and paste into new templates, but we’re going through and doing some extra proofing, updating links, etc. The Radio Links segment takes precedence because it’s probably the most useful, but the process is pretty convoluted (not as simple as copy/paste, believe me).
Meanwhile, The Onion actually has something funny in this week’s issue:
Look Out, Corporate America, Here Comes My Pirate Radio Station Continue reading “The Grind is Underway”