Enforcement Action Database Cracks 1,000 Actions

Just caught up on the FCC’s last two months of activity. It’s been a busy winter: 274 enforcement actions for 2006 and counting.
This includes fines, or threats of fines, of $10,000 against the transmitter-hosts of both microstations in San Diego, though escalating the enforcement process up to that level of severity remains mostly outside the FCC’s standard protocol (in related news, the agency’s Inspector General is planning an audit of its regulatory fee-collection process, something not done since 1999). Continue reading “Enforcement Action Database Cracks 1,000 Actions”

Scene Reports: California, U.K.

California: there’s been lots happening in San Diego. 106.9FM has voluntary signed off after running out of funds to broadcast. According to the station blog it’s hoped the hiatus is only temporary. Meanwhile Free Radio San Diego returned to the air over Halloween weekend, three months after it was raided and cleaned out by the FCC. The signal strength is reportedly much weaker.
San Diego has also recently been the site of some serious FCC enforcement involving other forms of unlicensed operation. Specifically, the use of point-to-point microwave radio communications between corporations in the San Diego area and “sister companies” located over the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana. The FCC has issued 11 Notices of Apparent Liability against 10 companies, seeking to collect a total of $86,000. Continue reading “Scene Reports: California, U.K.”

1069 FM Back On Air

Good news from San Diego: 1069 FM returned to the airwaves late last month with little fanfare, as confirmed by three sources in the area. It’s not clear whether the station followed through with its pledge to quintuple its power. Also no word on whether the FCC has followed up on its first visits, one of which singled out someone for further enforcement escalation. Here’s hoping the contingencies have been worked out.

Anti-NAB '04 In Planning

From the latest AMPB Report (site under construction):
The National Association of Broadcasters are holding their [annual radio] convention in San Diego the first part of October. A response and counter-convention is in the planning now. We are organizing a micro-power radio gathering on the world wide web for October 9. We hope to discuss all aspects of free radio, including technical, legal, creative and plan for the future. This will be presented in the form of streaming video, audio, chat rooms, phone calls and email with a live panel and participation from all interested parties. The website for this event will be: http://www.luver.com
Contact Paul Griffin for further details and how to get involved on the ground floor.