EBB Mobilizes for Miami; DIYmedia to Air on Resonance FM

News bit #1: The Emergency Broadcasters Bloc is again sailing in loose formation as the forces fighting global corporate domination of the world converge in Miami, Florida for two days of street demonstrations against the Free Trade Area of the Americas. FTAA-IMC is the place to turn for real coverage of the action, and its web radio studio is up and running, ready for rebroadcast.
News bit #2: Resonance FM contacted me recently about producing a documentary on the U.S. microradio movement. I’ve committed to fill 90 minutes sometime between now and May (I like deadlines like these). It will probably be a very loose narrative utilizing large chunks of audio from stations that I’ve collected over the years. If you’d like to collaborate/contribute to the project, drop a line. Continue reading “EBB Mobilizes for Miami; DIYmedia to Air on Resonance FM”