Arbitron Accidentally Rates Pirates in Florida

The radio industry’s primary rating racket says it has to re-compute its ratings for last fall in the Orlando, Florida market. It’s not quite clear just how the error was found, but it’s not the first time this has happened: Tampa’s Party Pirate made the books in his market back in the late ’90s, and such blips have actually happened on and off for decades. Continue reading “Arbitron Accidentally Rates Pirates in Florida”

The Numbers Game – Or Cooking the Book

It’s no surprise that since the radio industry underwent massive consolidation, the Arbitron ratings system – called “the Book” by those in the business – has come up with numerous ways to “help” broadcasters tout their supposed success.
Have you ever noticed that multiple stations in a market will call themselves “Number One?” How do they do that? It’s easy. Not everyone uses the same ratings.
But if they’re all coming from Arbitron, how can that be? Even easier: you cook “the Book.”
Allow me to quote from the Arbitron’s own description of the service it can provide to a radio station:
“(Arbitron’s ratings service) allows stations and agencies to customize survey areas, dayparts, demographics and time periods to support target marketing strategies.” Continue reading “The Numbers Game – Or Cooking the Book”