Summer Break?

May I be frank for a moment? HTML sucks. For building a huge-ass website, it sucks. Problem is, it’s the only code I know.
For now, the plan is to resurrect the site in HTML, which is obviously taking longer than expected. Then we can experiment. I know the design needs work, but the priority here is resurrection, not eye candy. Take your info straight for a while.
The good news is, the links library is pretty much functional, there’s just hundreds of new links to add that have been collected over the hiatus. Next up on the list is the Enforcement Action Database, then we start adding the audio. Whee!
For some partial closure on the note below, Kaihatsu was released after four days in the Dane County jail, and has a pre-trial conference on his disorderly conduct charge (a disorderly thing, scribbling on a notepad) scheduled for August 8th.